Young Dance encourages peer-to-peer mentorship and collaboration in the making of dances. Through our engagement of youth of all abilities, body types, and economic, social and cultural backgrounds, we provide an environment in which diversity is authentically embraced and celebrated. The young people with whom we work become leaders in their schools, which prepare them for leadership roles – both formal and informal – in their communities. And by working with professional, highly accomplished artists, Young Dance dancers develop a keen understanding of the art form, the complexity of creating a production, and the power of the pursuit of excellence.

Dance Companies

Axis Dance Company
Body Cartography
Croi glan Integrated Dance Company
Ethnic Dance Theater
James Sewell Ballet
Kenna Cottman and Voice of Culture
Skewed Visions

Artistic Partners

MacPhail Center for Music
Minnesota Chorale
Phillips Community Television
University of Minnesota Choir
Walker Art Center

Individual Artists

Leslie Ball
Miriam Colvin and Megan Flood
Susana DeLeon and Ketzal Coatlicue
Marylee Hardenbergh
Denise Gagner
Maria Gomez Tierney
Sarah Jacobs
Kate Lynch
Aneka McMullen
Leah Nelson
Leili Pritchett
Erin Thompson
Nic Zapko